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The Finnish Non-Commissioned Officers Union

The purpose of the Union is to function as a central organisation for associations  established by persons working in the field of internal or external security

  1. by representing them and by ensuring legal, professional, educational, social and wage interests of their members,
  2. by promoting general and military education and professional skills of their members and by improving their physical condition, and
  3. by increasing the sense of belonging of their members and by promoting their professional organisation.

 To realise its purpose the Union:

  1. makes proposals and motions, engages in negotiations and gives statements,
  2. organises information, training, presentation and gala events and meetings,
  3. promotes and supports the activities of its member associations,
  4. engages in publication and publishing activities,
  5. may become a member of such domestic or international organisations or bodies where the membership promotes the realisation of the Union’s purpose, and
  6. engages in other similar activities in order to realise its purpose.

The Union represents non-commisioned officers, mechanics, airplane mechanics and contractual soldiers.